Major Update for Explore the Pearl

Explore the Pearl Wordpress Website

Major Update for Explore the Pearl

New WordPress Website. Same enormous amount of content.

We just completed a major update for the Pearl District Business Association’s website, Explore the Pearl (and boy are our arms tired!) It’s really an all-new website, even though it includes much of the same content now ported to a new framework. The previous site we created for the PDBA was great, but it was already six years old (which is like 70-something in web years) and much of the base technology was no longer compliant with today’s web standards and technology.

Explore the Pearl WordPress Website

We built the new site on an awesome WordPress theme created by our long-term partner, Liquidbook that is both a fully extensible base theme and a completely custom directory theme. The directory part is essential for showcasing the 200-plus member listings on the site, that also has an events calendar, blog system, password-protected member portal and pages, custom forms, and much, much more! You can see the new site at